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kaleboy's Journal

12 September
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I have no clue what to say about myself, so I'm going to start listing things about myself.

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Allison is going to trick me into marrying her one of these days (sounds fine to me)

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 6' I think

Age: I have my birthdate listed, do the math yourself.

Shoesize: 14 EEEEE, 15 EEE, or 16 E (depending on the shoe) I have long and wide feet with a splaying little toe.

Smoke: Nope

Drink: Not in excessive quantities

Other drugs: Only when prescribed by a doctor. I'm not even a big fan of advil and such. However, I do believe that some drugs should be legal which are not and that there should be stricter restrictions on some which are already legal.

Criminal history: Not even a speeding ticket.

Hobbies: See my interests below

Work: I do various things to pay my way through life. I'm trying to do some prairie restoration, but it isn't working out very well this year. I will still sell stuff at the farmers' market in all likelihood though. I have also worked at summer camps, at ACT, for political groups, etc.

Travels: I have been to China, Japan, Spain, Italy, the Cayman Islands, and many other places.

Pets: A long-haired miniature dachshund (rescued), a leopard gecko (rescued), 19 African cichlids (6 of which were adopted), 2 bamboo shrimp (one was rescued from being thrown away!!!), a betta (rescued, too sick to sell, but fine now), other assorted fish (mostly rescues or offspring of rescues), and a snail.

I do not eat red meat or fish. On occassion I do eat chicken, shrimp, or dairy, but I consider myself a bad vegetarian or a really bad vegan. I do make sure to never eat any of these things in places that I know get their meat from sources that mistreat their animals or pump them full of drugs (which could be argued is mistreating them, but I also don't want those drugs or antibiotic resistant bacteria in me).

Favourite food: Sate ayam (minus the ayam) I love marinated mushrooms, pineapple, peppers, etc. on the grill. Soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic, pepper, salt, and brown sugar. Mmmmm

Favourite quote: "Cannibalism is a small price to pay for popularity." - Avery Brooks
This isn't really my favourite quote, I just thought that I would be weird(er than normal).

Favourite movie: Bringing Up Baby

Favourite song: I'm not sure, but it sure as hell isn't Mmm Bop.

Favourite restaurant: Masala in Iowa City

Favourite book of fiction: The Bush administration's NCLB report

Favourite non-fiction book: Beak of the Finch

Favourite fake text book: America: The Book

Favourite beer: Kelpie

Favourite cheap wine: Alice White Lexia

Favourite soft drink: I like raspberry ginger ale, but I don't really drink pop (we call it pop here) much